Friday, March 8, 2013

A Field Guide To Getting Lost

When I think of Corey, sporty always comes to mind, because that's who she is, the tomboy and to make her anything more, to make her dress up and wear heels would be trying to change who she is, and who she has been becoming all her life. She is determined to be the greatest to ever do it, every sport she tries she dominates because she has no off days, she practices when it's freezing and I witnessed this myself, although I laugh at her for it a lot, I admire that about her, she's the unconventional girl, she is the tomboy and she prides herself in it, she won't wear make up to fit in and she certainly won't wear a skirt to impress anyone! She's just comfortable in her skinny jeans and sneakers, and her addiction to straightening her hair.

Describe your style?

I guess I'm kind of tom boy. I mix it up sometimes but I like to be comfortable but look good at the same time

Likes and dislikes?

I hate people that think they are better than someone else, I love playing the drums and I love being active

Music artist(s) are you into?

I'm into classic rock. I like Bon Jovi and Aerosmith, but I have a Mac Miller obsession

What's your ethnic background?

Well I'm white..

Random fact?

I've played the drums my whole life and I love bright colors

Where do you like to shop?

I like to shop at Zumiez,Champs and Forever 21.

What do you have an affinity for?

I have an affinity for drums!


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