Friday, March 22, 2013

Cool, Calm and Cassie

Cassie is kind of a big deal besides scoring a full scholarship to Washington College and interning at not one but three which include law offices of DLA Piper, Office of law and Girls Life Magazine,which are just slight accomplishments and won't compare to how much she will make a splash in the future. She's not afraid to laugh at herself or make fun of herself, which makes her so down to earth and relatable. She has a lot going for her as she ends her senior year, with amazing style and intelligence, she aspires to be a lot of things but she will always be Cassie.

Describe your style?

Simple and pretty clean cut.

Likes and dislikes?

I am obsessed with things that are backless, so basically like shirts or dresses with cool cut outs in the back. I also love watches. I'm forever a Swatch wearer. I'm really not a tie dye person, It's just really not me. I also am not a huge fan of Doc Martens

What's your ethnic background?

I am half Filipino and Half American

What do you like about your culture?

I love my Filipino heritage. Probably one of my favorite things about it would be how Filipinos get really into karaoke. I absolutely adore my family

Random fact?

I am a vegetarian and I have been kick boxing  for two years. I never competed in any competitions/matches, I kind of did it to stay in shape. Best experience of my life! Also I really miss eating crabs but I love being a vegetarian because I have actually learned to appreciate all new types of food

Where do you like to shop?

I like to shop at H&M, American Eagle, Nordstroms, and so many more places.

What do you have an affinity for?

Squirrel hunting (laughs) I'm just kidding! I have an affinity for Chipotle!


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