Friday, March 1, 2013

Express Yourself

Think you know hip hop? Do you really think you can draw? Meet Izzy, and meet your competition  Izzy is a angst artist with a little spunk, she is a rebel. She will soon being going to Mica in the fall, where she will be a a threat and struck fear into the hearts of the artist who think they even have a chance - when they don't because comparing anyone's art to Izzy's should be a capital crime, and execution is the consequence cause her art kills it.. She pushes the fashion envelopes and does her own thing both which are apparent in the way she draws and the way she dresses. 

Describe your style?

I like 90s influence, I like nylon chokers and platform sneakers. I sorta wear what I want and usually it works. Most of my shirts have to do with pop culture. I also really like Hindu art.

What are your likes and dislikes?

I hate close minded stuck up people and I love art and animals and being with my friends.

Since you like art, what artist are you into?

I've always been into Keith Haring, He's my hero. Iain MacArthur is also a great illustrator I love.

What inspires your style?

Whatever aesthetically appeals to me. I really like putting my interests out there so I can attract conversations with people who have similar interest, rap,art,culture and a sense of humor.

When did you realize "wow I really like my style"

Probably not until this year

What's your ethnic background?

Jewish (laughs)

What do you like about your culture?

The stories, but I don't practice religion really

Where do you like to shop?

Thrift usually or online.

Random fact(s) about you?

I want to be as successful as Keith Haring, I secretly still love Odd Future and I can't swim (laughs)

What do you have an affinity for? 

Art! (smiles)


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