Friday, March 8, 2013

Keeping Up With The Bhandaris

You are not seeing double, in fact you are seeing twins, Divya and Dikchhya. Face value they probably look exactly the same, but getting to know them,they are complete opposites, Divya is outgoing and she would probably be the Khloe of the family, she loves to joke around and talk your head off, but all the things she says leaves you laughing because she just has lovable ambience to her, she makes you feel like you guys have been best friends since Jesus had the last supper, she would probably be the Sharpay to your Ryan. 
Dikchhya is the quiet one, but when you talk to her she talks with such sparkle in her eyes that you can't help to just talk to her for hours, she doesn't like attention as much but she appreciates good friends, and when you are her friend she feels comfortable around you and says the funniest stuff, sometimes she's overshadowed by her sister because her sister's personality is larger than life compared to her, but just like Divya she is her own person, she is the Kourtney of the family perhaps.


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