Friday, March 22, 2013

Man Of The Century

Anthony doesn't say stuff to offend people, he says stuff to make people laugh, and he never fails to have a whole crowd laughing tears of joy. He is different from most other boys who are busy trying to buy the new Supreme or Obey which makes him ahead of his time or maybe century. When he wore a sky blue shirt with mustard pants I knew we had something here, we had the next fashion icon and I can closely relate his style to an early Kanye West. Color blocking isn't something must boys wear or even know about, but Anthony just knew and maybe that's what makes him so different and so alluring, you can't help but to have fun when he's around. Boys take some notes from Anthony's style

Describe your style?

I would have to say my style is unique I like to do things different with the things I wear. I often get into color blocking. It turns out really cool

Random fact?

I'll be on a screen near you pretty soon

Where do you like to shop?

I shop somewhat thirsty but urban also like I said I like to stand out and I really don't like to wear what everybody else wearing

What do you have an affinity for?

Well I have an affinity for affinityforlife and it's time to make it nation wide & with me on the team. We money!


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