Monday, March 4, 2013

Maniac Monday

Her beautiful locks of long hair could make anyone instantly jealous, and she doesn't shy away from it either, she can be seen always swinging her hair, and making everyone and anyone jealous around her! Meet Seema, the Nepalian beauty with style just as beautiful.

Describe your style?

My style is not too dressy just casual and just being comfortable and looking put together

Likes and dislikes?

I like people who are friendly and appreciate me! and money makes me happy. My dislikes are when people can't be nice and have to be mean,rude and when guys have  an attitude that's a major turn off

What music artist(s) are you into right now?

The Weeknd, J.cole, Rihanna and my boo Chris Brown

Who inspires your fashion?


Where do you like to shop?

Most of the time I shop online! and Forever 21!

What's your ethnic background?

I am from Nepal.

What do you like about your culture?

Our traditions and food!

What do you have an affinity for?

Family and friends, also loved ones!


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